Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing

Jünemann S, Prior K, Szczepanowski R, Harks I, Ehmke B, Goesmann A, Stoye J, Harmsen D (2012)
PLoS ONE 7(8): e41606.

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Jünemann, SebastianUniBi; Prior, Karola; Szczepanowski, RafaelUniBi; Harks, Inga; Ehmke, Benjamin; Goesmann, AlexanderUniBi ; Stoye, JensUniBi ; Harmsen, Dag
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Jünemann S, Prior K, Szczepanowski R, et al. Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing. PLoS ONE. 2012;7(8): e41606.
Jünemann, S., Prior, K., Szczepanowski, R., Harks, I., Ehmke, B., Goesmann, A., Stoye, J., et al. (2012). Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing. PLoS ONE, 7(8), e41606. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0041606
Jünemann, Sebastian, Prior, Karola, Szczepanowski, Rafael, Harks, Inga, Ehmke, Benjamin, Goesmann, Alexander, Stoye, Jens, and Harmsen, Dag. 2012. “Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing”. PLoS ONE 7 (8): e41606.
Jünemann, S., Prior, K., Szczepanowski, R., Harks, I., Ehmke, B., Goesmann, A., Stoye, J., and Harmsen, D. (2012). Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing. PLoS ONE 7:e41606.
Jünemann, S., et al., 2012. Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing. PLoS ONE, 7(8): e41606.
S. Jünemann, et al., “Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing”, PLoS ONE, vol. 7, 2012, : e41606.
Jünemann, S., Prior, K., Szczepanowski, R., Harks, I., Ehmke, B., Goesmann, A., Stoye, J., Harmsen, D.: Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing. PLoS ONE. 7, : e41606 (2012).
Jünemann, Sebastian, Prior, Karola, Szczepanowski, Rafael, Harks, Inga, Ehmke, Benjamin, Goesmann, Alexander, Stoye, Jens, and Harmsen, Dag. “Bacterial Community Shift in Treated Periodontitis Patients Revealed by Ion Torrent 16S rRNA Gene Amplicon Sequencing”. PLoS ONE 7.8 (2012): e41606.

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