Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes

Brinkrolf K, Rupp O, Laux H, Kollin F, Ernst W, Linke B, Kofler R, Romand S, Hesse F, Budach WE, Galosy S, et al. (2013)
Nature Biotechnology 31(8): 694-695.

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Brinkrolf, KarinaUniBi; Rupp, OliverUniBi; Laux, Holger; Kollin, FlorianUniBi; Ernst, Wolfgang; Linke, BurkhardUniBi; Kofler, Rudolf; Romand, Sandrine; Hesse, Friedemann; Budach, Wolfgang E; Galosy, Sybille; Müller, Dethardt
Nature Biotechnology
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Brinkrolf K, Rupp O, Laux H, et al. Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes. Nature Biotechnology. 2013;31(8):694-695.
Brinkrolf, K., Rupp, O., Laux, H., Kollin, F., Ernst, W., Linke, B., Kofler, R., et al. (2013). Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes. Nature Biotechnology, 31(8), 694-695. doi:10.1038/nbt.2645
Brinkrolf, K., Rupp, O., Laux, H., Kollin, F., Ernst, W., Linke, B., Kofler, R., Romand, S., Hesse, F., Budach, W. E., et al. (2013). Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes. Nature Biotechnology 31, 694-695.
Brinkrolf, K., et al., 2013. Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes. Nature Biotechnology, 31(8), p 694-695.
K. Brinkrolf, et al., “Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes”, Nature Biotechnology, vol. 31, 2013, pp. 694-695.
Brinkrolf, K., Rupp, O., Laux, H., Kollin, F., Ernst, W., Linke, B., Kofler, R., Romand, S., Hesse, F., Budach, W.E., Galosy, S., Müller, D., Noll, T., Wienberg, J., Jostock, T., Leonard, M., Grillari, J., Tauch, A., Goesmann, A., Helk, B., Mott, J.E., Pühler, A., Borth, N.: Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes. Nature Biotechnology. 31, 694-695 (2013).
Brinkrolf, Karina, Rupp, Oliver, Laux, Holger, Kollin, Florian, Ernst, Wolfgang, Linke, Burkhard, Kofler, Rudolf, Romand, Sandrine, Hesse, Friedemann, Budach, Wolfgang E, Galosy, Sybille, Müller, Dethardt, Noll, Thomas, Wienberg, Johannes, Jostock, Thomas, Leonard, Mark, Grillari, Johannes, Tauch, Andreas, Goesmann, Alexander, Helk, Bernhard, Mott, John E, Pühler, Alfred, and Borth, Nicole. “Chinese hamster genome sequenced from sorted chromosomes”. Nature Biotechnology 31.8 (2013): 694-695.

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