Stick Insect Locomotion

Theunissen L, Bekemeier H, Dürr V (2014)
Bielefeld University.

Abstract / Bemerkung
The whole-body movements of unrestrained walking and climbing stick insects were measured by marker-based motion-capturing: markers were attached to the body of the insect and tracked by an infrared camera system (Vicon MX10 equipped with 8 T10 cameras). The measured marker trajectories (time-ordered xyz-coordinates) were used to reconstruct the trajectories of various joint locations of the insect, and to calculate the joint angle time courses for all six legs, three thorax segments and the head. The example data provided here is part of a data set comprising several hours of locomotion sequences from three different stick insect species (Carausius morosus, Aretaon asperrimus, Medauroidea extradentata = Cuniculina impigra). Joint angle time courses and footfall patterns have been calculated from the trajectory data. Contains: * Matlab Files from 36 trials, containing original measurements, processed data (e.g., kinematic variables calculated, and metadata). * Sets of overview figures for each trial in one pdf file. * Pairs of videos per trial, showing the side view of a part of the experimental setup, and the whole sequence of recorded marker trajectories. * Motion capture data in bvh format
insect; locomotion; climbing; kinematics; walking; Medauroidea; Carausius; Aretaon
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Theunissen L, Bekemeier H, Dürr V. Stick Insect Locomotion. Bielefeld University; 2014.
Theunissen, L., Bekemeier, H., & Dürr, V. (2014). Stick Insect Locomotion. Bielefeld University.
Theunissen, L., Bekemeier, H., and Dürr, V. (2014). Stick Insect Locomotion. Bielefeld University.
Theunissen, L., Bekemeier, H., & Dürr, V., 2014. Stick Insect Locomotion, Bielefeld University.
L. Theunissen, H. Bekemeier, and V. Dürr, Stick Insect Locomotion, Bielefeld University, 2014.
Theunissen, L., Bekemeier, H., Dürr, V.: Stick Insect Locomotion. Bielefeld University (2014).
Theunissen, Leslie, Bekemeier, Holger, and Dürr, Volker. Stick Insect Locomotion. Bielefeld University, 2014.
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