Characterization of microbial biofilms in a thermophilic biogas system by high-throughput metagenome sequencing

Rademacher A, Zakrzewski M, Schlüter A, Schonberg M, Szczepanowski R, Goesmann A, Pühler A, Klocke M (2012)
FEMS Microbiology Ecology 79(3): 785-799.

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DNAs of two biofilms of a thermophilic two-phase leach-bed biogas reactor fed with rye silage and winter barley straw were sequenced by 454-pyrosequencing technology to assess the biofilm-based microbial community and their genetic potential for anaerobic digestion. The studied biofilms matured on the surface of the substrates in the hydrolysis reactor (HR) and on the packing in the anaerobic filter reactor (AF). The classification of metagenome reads showed Clostridium as most prevalent bacteria in the HR, indicating a predominant role for plant material digestion. Notably, insights into the genetic potential of plant-degrading bacteria were determined as well as further bacterial groups, which may assist Clostridium in carbohydrate degradation. Methanosarcina and Methanothermobacter were determined as most prevalent methanogenic archaea. In consequence, the biofilm-based methanogenesis in this system might be driven by the hydrogenotrophic pathway but also by the aceticlastic methanogenesis depending on metabolite concentrations such as the acetic acid concentration. Moreover, bacteria, which are capable of acetate oxidation in syntrophic interaction with methanogens, were also predicted. Finally, the metagenome analysis unveiled a large number of reads with unidentified microbial origin, indicating that the anaerobic degradation process may also be conducted by up to now unknown species. 2011 Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Published by Blackwell Publishing Ltd. All rights reserved.
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Rademacher A, Zakrzewski M, Schlüter A, et al. Characterization of microbial biofilms in a thermophilic biogas system by high-throughput metagenome sequencing. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 2012;79(3):785-799.
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Rademacher, Antje, Zakrzewski, Martha, Schlüter, Andreas, Schonberg, Mandy, Szczepanowski, Rafael, Goesmann, Alexander, Pühler, Alfred, and Klocke, Michael. 2012. “Characterization of microbial biofilms in a thermophilic biogas system by high-throughput metagenome sequencing”. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 79 (3): 785-799.
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Rademacher, Antje, Zakrzewski, Martha, Schlüter, Andreas, Schonberg, Mandy, Szczepanowski, Rafael, Goesmann, Alexander, Pühler, Alfred, and Klocke, Michael. “Characterization of microbial biofilms in a thermophilic biogas system by high-throughput metagenome sequencing”. FEMS Microbiology Ecology 79.3 (2012): 785-799.

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Database resources of the National Center for Biotechnology Information.
Wheeler DL, Barrett T, Benson DA, Bryant SH, Canese K, Chetvernin V, Church DM, DiCuccio M, Edgar R, Federhen S, Geer LY, Kapustin Y, Khovayko O, Landsman D, Lipman DJ, Madden TL, Maglott DR, Ostell J, Miller V, Pruitt KD, Schuler GD, Sequeira E, Sherry ST, Sirotkin K, Souvorov A, Starchenko G, Tatusov RL, Tatusova TA, Wagner L, Yaschenko E., Nucleic Acids Res. 35(Database issue), 2006
PMID: 17170002
Energy balance of a two-phase anaerobic digestion process for energy crops
Zielonka, Eng Life Sci 10(), 2010

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