RNAshapes: an integrated RNA analysis package based on abstract shapes

Steffen P, Voss B, Rehmsmeier M, Reeder J, Giegerich R (2006)
Bioinformatics 22(4): 500-503.

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We introduce RNAshapes, a new software package that integrates three RNA analysis tools based on the abstract shapes approach: the analysis of shape representatives, the calculation of shape probabilities and the consensus shapes approach. This new package is completely reimplemented in C and outruns the original implementations significantly in runtime and memory requirements. Additionally, we added a number of useful features like suboptimal folding with correct dangling energies, structure graph output, shape matching and a sliding window approach.
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Steffen P, Voss B, Rehmsmeier M, Reeder J, Giegerich R. RNAshapes: an integrated RNA analysis package based on abstract shapes. Bioinformatics. 2006;22(4):500-503.
Steffen, P., Voss, B., Rehmsmeier, M., Reeder, J., & Giegerich, R. (2006). RNAshapes: an integrated RNA analysis package based on abstract shapes. Bioinformatics, 22(4), 500-503. https://doi.org/10.1093/bioinformatics/btk010
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Steffen, Peter, Voss, Björn, Rehmsmeier, Marc, Reeder, Jens, and Giegerich, Robert. “RNAshapes: an integrated RNA analysis package based on abstract shapes”. Bioinformatics 22.4 (2006): 500-503.

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Wuchty S, Fontana W, Hofacker IL, Schuster P., Biopolymers 49(2), 1999
PMID: 10070264

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PMID: 16357029
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