Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea

Fleming EJ, Woyke T, Donatello AR, Kuypers MMM, Sczyrba A, Littmann S, Emerson D (2018)
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 84(9): e02239-17.

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Fleming, E. J.; Woyke, T.; Donatello, A. R.; Kuypers, M. M. M.; Sczyrba, AlexanderUniBi ; Littmann, S.; Emerson, D.
Applied and Environmental Microbiology
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Fleming EJ, Woyke T, Donatello AR, et al. Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 2018;84(9): e02239-17.
Fleming, E. J., Woyke, T., Donatello, A. R., Kuypers, M. M. M., Sczyrba, A., Littmann, S., & Emerson, D. (2018). Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 84(9), e02239-17. doi:10.1128/aem.02239-17
Fleming, E. J., Woyke, T., Donatello, A. R., Kuypers, M. M. M., Sczyrba, A., Littmann, S., and Emerson, D. (2018). Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 84:e02239-17.
Fleming, E.J., et al., 2018. Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, 84(9): e02239-17.
E.J. Fleming, et al., “Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea”, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, vol. 84, 2018, : e02239-17.
Fleming, E.J., Woyke, T., Donatello, A.R., Kuypers, M.M.M., Sczyrba, A., Littmann, S., Emerson, D.: Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea. Applied and Environmental Microbiology. 84, : e02239-17 (2018).
Fleming, E. J., Woyke, T., Donatello, A. R., Kuypers, M. M. M., Sczyrba, Alexander, Littmann, S., and Emerson, D. “Insights into the fundamental physiology of the uncultured Fe-oxidizing bacterium Leptothrix ochracea”. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 84.9 (2018): e02239-17.

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