Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample

Stoeveken J, Singh R, Kolkenbrock S, Zakrzewski M, Wibberg D, Eikmeyer FG, Pühler A, Schlüter A, Moerschbacher BM (2015)
Journal of Biotechnology 201: 60-68.

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Stoeveken, J.; Singh, R.; Kolkenbrock, S.; Zakrzewski, MarthaUniBi; Wibberg, DanielUniBi; Eikmeyer, Felix GregorUniBi ; Pühler, AlfredUniBi ; Schlüter, AndreasUniBi ; Moerschbacher, B. M.
Abstract / Bemerkung
Chitin and its derivative chitosan are abundant natural polysaccharides with many potential industrial applications. Metagenomic analysis of chitin-enriched soil samples using the Roche Genome Sequencer FLX platform led to the identification of several novel genes for chitin and chitosan modifying enzymes (CCMEs) which may be used to produce novel chitosans. The sequencing approach yielded 2,281,090 reads with an average length of 378 bp amounting to a total sequence information of approximately 851Mb. Assembly of the obtained sequences comprised 699,710 reads representing 30.68% of all reads. A total of 6625 contigs larger than 500 bp containing 16,289 predicted genes are included in the assembly. Taxonomic profiling of the indigenous microbial community by applying the software CARMA revealed that 96.1% of the reads were of bacterial origin including 17% assigned to the family Xanthomonadaceae. Several putative genes encoding CCMEs were identified by comparison against the GenBank database, inclusive a full-length chitinase gene which was codon optimized for Escherichia coli and heterologously synthesized as a Strep-tagged protein in E. coli Rosetta 2 using the pET vector system. Approximately 5 mg of the novel active chitinase was purified as demonstrated by dot assay analysis using glycol chitin as a substrate. Next generation metagenomic sequencing, thus, emerges as a new and powerful tool for the identification of potentially novel biocatalysts of biotechnological value. (C) 2014 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Dot assay; metagenomic sequencing; Next generation; Soil; Chitin/chitosan modifying enzymes; Chitinase
Journal of Biotechnology
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Stoeveken J, Singh R, Kolkenbrock S, et al. Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample. Journal of Biotechnology. 2015;201:60-68.
Stoeveken, J., Singh, R., Kolkenbrock, S., Zakrzewski, M., Wibberg, D., Eikmeyer, F. G., Pühler, A., et al. (2015). Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample. Journal of Biotechnology, 201, 60-68. doi:10.1016/j.jbiotec.2014.09.010
Stoeveken, J., Singh, R., Kolkenbrock, S., Zakrzewski, M., Wibberg, D., Eikmeyer, F. G., Pühler, A., Schlüter, A., and Moerschbacher, B. M. (2015). Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample. Journal of Biotechnology 201, 60-68.
Stoeveken, J., et al., 2015. Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample. Journal of Biotechnology, 201, p 60-68.
J. Stoeveken, et al., “Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample”, Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 201, 2015, pp. 60-68.
Stoeveken, J., Singh, R., Kolkenbrock, S., Zakrzewski, M., Wibberg, D., Eikmeyer, F.G., Pühler, A., Schlüter, A., Moerschbacher, B.M.: Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample. Journal of Biotechnology. 201, 60-68 (2015).
Stoeveken, J., Singh, R., Kolkenbrock, S., Zakrzewski, Martha, Wibberg, Daniel, Eikmeyer, Felix Gregor, Pühler, Alfred, Schlüter, Andreas, and Moerschbacher, B. M. “Successful heterologous expression of a novel chitinase identified by sequence analyses of the metagenome from a chitin-enriched soil sample”. Journal of Biotechnology 201 (2015): 60-68.

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