Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria

Klippel B, Sahm K, Basner A, Wiebusch S, John P, Lorenz U, Peters A, Abe F, Takahashi K, Kaiser O, Goesmann A, et al. (2014)
Extremophiles 18(5): 853-863.

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Klippel, Barbara; Sahm, Kerstin; Basner, Alexander; Wiebusch, Sigrid; John, Patrick; Lorenz, Ute; Peters, Anke; Abe, Fumiyoshi; Takahashi, Kyoma; Kaiser, Olaf; Goesmann, AlexanderUniBi ; Jaenicke, SebastianUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
Subseafloor sediment samples derived from a sediment core of 60m length were used to enrich psychrophilic aerobic bacteria on cellulose, xylan, chitin, and starch. A variety of species belonging to Alpha- and Gammaproteobacteria and to Flavobacteria were isolated from sediment depths between 12 and 42mbsf. Metagenomic DNA purified from the pooled enrichments was sequenced and analyzed for phylogenetic composition and presence of genes encoding carbohydrate-active enzymes. More than 200 open reading frames coding for glycoside hydrolases were identified, and more than 60 of them relevant for enzymatic degradation of lignocellulose. Four genes encoding beta-glucosidases with less than 52% identities to characterized enzymes were chosen for recombinant expression in Escherichia coli. In addition one endomannanase, two endoxylanases, and three beta-xylosidases were produced recombinantly. All genes could be actively expressed. Functional analysis revealed discrepancies and additional variability for the recombinant enzymes as compared to the sequence-based predictions.
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Klippel B, Sahm K, Basner A, et al. Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria. Extremophiles. 2014;18(5):853-863.
Klippel, B., Sahm, K., Basner, A., Wiebusch, S., John, P., Lorenz, U., Peters, A., et al. (2014). Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria. Extremophiles, 18(5), 853-863. doi:10.1007/s00792-014-0676-3
Klippel, B., Sahm, K., Basner, A., Wiebusch, S., John, P., Lorenz, U., Peters, A., Abe, F., Takahashi, K., Kaiser, O., et al. (2014). Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria. Extremophiles 18, 853-863.
Klippel, B., et al., 2014. Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria. Extremophiles, 18(5), p 853-863.
B. Klippel, et al., “Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria”, Extremophiles, vol. 18, 2014, pp. 853-863.
Klippel, B., Sahm, K., Basner, A., Wiebusch, S., John, P., Lorenz, U., Peters, A., Abe, F., Takahashi, K., Kaiser, O., Goesmann, A., Jaenicke, S., Grote, R., Horikoshi, K., Antranikian, G.: Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria. Extremophiles. 18, 853-863 (2014).
Klippel, Barbara, Sahm, Kerstin, Basner, Alexander, Wiebusch, Sigrid, John, Patrick, Lorenz, Ute, Peters, Anke, Abe, Fumiyoshi, Takahashi, Kyoma, Kaiser, Olaf, Goesmann, Alexander, Jaenicke, Sebastian, Grote, Ralf, Horikoshi, Koki, and Antranikian, Garabed. “Carbohydrate-active enzymes identified by metagenomic analysis of deep-sea sediment bacteria”. Extremophiles 18.5 (2014): 853-863.

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