Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly

Husemann P, Stoye J (2009)
In: Proc. of WABI 2009. LNBI, 5724. 145-156.

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Proc. of WABI 2009
WABI 2009
Philadelphia, USA
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Husemann P, Stoye J. Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly. In: Proc. of WABI 2009. LNBI. Vol 5724. 2009: 145-156.
Husemann, P., & Stoye, J. (2009). Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly. Proc. of WABI 2009, LNBI, 5724, 145-156.
Husemann, Peter, and Stoye, Jens. 2009. “Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly”. In Proc. of WABI 2009, 5724:145-156. LNBI.
Husemann, P., and Stoye, J. (2009). “Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly” in Proc. of WABI 2009 LNBI, vol. 5724, 145-156.
Husemann, P., & Stoye, J., 2009. Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly. In Proc. of WABI 2009. LNBI. no.5724 pp. 145-156.
P. Husemann and J. Stoye, “Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly”, Proc. of WABI 2009, LNBI, vol. 5724, 2009, pp.145-156.
Husemann, P., Stoye, J.: Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly. Proc. of WABI 2009. LNBI. 5724, p. 145-156. (2009).
Husemann, Peter, and Stoye, Jens. “Phylogenetic Comparative Assembly”. Proc. of WABI 2009. 2009.Vol. 5724. LNBI. 145-156.

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