Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences

Krause A, Stoye J, Vingron M (2005)
BMC Bioinformatics 6(1): 15.

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Krause, Antje; Stoye, JensUniBi ; Vingron, Martin
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Background: Searching a biological sequence database with a query sequence looking for homologues has become a routine operation in computational biology. In spite of the high degree of sophistication of currently available search routines it is still virtually impossible to identify quickly and clearly a group of sequences that a given query sequence belongs to. Results: We report on our developments in grouping all known protein sequences hierarchically into superfamily and family clusters. Our graph-based algorithms take into account the topology of the sequence space induced by the data itself to construct a biologically meaningful partitioning. We have applied our clustering procedures to a non-redundant set of about 1,000,000 sequences resulting in a hierarchical clustering which is being made available for querying and browsing at Conclusions: Comparisons with other widely used clustering methods on various data sets show the abilities and strengths of our clustering methods in producing a biologically meaningful grouping of protein sequences.
Protein Clustering; Clustering
BMC Bioinformatics
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Krause A, Stoye J, Vingron M. Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences. BMC Bioinformatics. 2005;6(1): 15.
Krause, A., Stoye, J., & Vingron, M. (2005). Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences. BMC Bioinformatics, 6(1), 15.
Krause, Antje, Stoye, Jens, and Vingron, Martin. 2005. “Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences”. BMC Bioinformatics 6 (1): 15.
Krause, A., Stoye, J., and Vingron, M. (2005). Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences. BMC Bioinformatics 6:15.
Krause, A., Stoye, J., & Vingron, M., 2005. Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences. BMC Bioinformatics, 6(1): 15.
A. Krause, J. Stoye, and M. Vingron, “Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences”, BMC Bioinformatics, vol. 6, 2005, : 15.
Krause, A., Stoye, J., Vingron, M.: Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences. BMC Bioinformatics. 6, : 15 (2005).
Krause, Antje, Stoye, Jens, and Vingron, Martin. “Large scale hierarchical clustering of protein sequences”. BMC Bioinformatics 6.1 (2005): 15.
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