Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics

Reeder J, Höchsmann M, Rehmsmeier M, Voss B, Giegerich R (2006)
In: Journal of Biotechnology. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 124(1). ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV: 41-55.

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Reeder, Jens; Höchsmann, Matthias; Rehmsmeier, MarcUniBi; Voss, Björn; Giegerich, RobertUniBi
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Computational analysis of RNA secondary structure is a classical field of biosequence analysis, which has recently gained momentum due to the manyfold regulatory functions of RNA that have become apparent. We present five recent computational approaches that address the problems of synoptic folding space analysis, pseudoknot prediction, structure alignment, comparative structure prediction, and miRNA target prediction. All these programs are in current use and are available via the Bielefeld Bioinformatics Server at (c) 2006 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
consensus structure prediction; RNA interference; structure comparison; RNA; miRNA target prediction; RNA pseudoknots; RNA secondary structure
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Journal of Biotechnology
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Reeder J, Höchsmann M, Rehmsmeier M, Voss B, Giegerich R. Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics. In: Journal of Biotechnology. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. Vol 124. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV; 2006: 41-55.
Reeder, J., Höchsmann, M., Rehmsmeier, M., Voss, B., & Giegerich, R. (2006). Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics. Journal of Biotechnology, JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 124, 41-55. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV.
Reeder, J., Höchsmann, M., Rehmsmeier, M., Voss, B., and Giegerich, R. (2006). “Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics” in Journal of Biotechnology JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 124, (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV), 41-55.
Reeder, J., et al., 2006. Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics. In Journal of Biotechnology. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. no.124 ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, pp. 41-55.
J. Reeder, et al., “Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics”, Journal of Biotechnology, JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, vol. 124, ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2006, pp.41-55.
Reeder, J., Höchsmann, M., Rehmsmeier, M., Voss, B., Giegerich, R.: Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics. Journal of Biotechnology. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 124, p. 41-55. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV (2006).
Reeder, Jens, Höchsmann, Matthias, Rehmsmeier, Marc, Voss, Björn, and Giegerich, Robert. “Beyond Mfold: recent advances in RNA bioinformatics”. Journal of Biotechnology. ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2006.Vol. 124. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 41-55.

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