A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds

Catavitello G, Ivanenko Y, Lacquaniti F (2018)
eLife 7: e38190.

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Catavitello, Giovanna; Ivanenko, Yury; Lacquaniti, Francesco
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Catavitello G, Ivanenko Y, Lacquaniti F. A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds. eLife. 2018;7: e38190.
Catavitello, G., Ivanenko, Y., & Lacquaniti, F. (2018). A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds. eLife, 7, e38190. doi:10.7554/eLife.38190
Catavitello, G., Ivanenko, Y., and Lacquaniti, F. (2018). A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds. eLife 7:e38190.
Catavitello, G., Ivanenko, Y., & Lacquaniti, F., 2018. A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds. eLife, 7: e38190.
G. Catavitello, Y. Ivanenko, and F. Lacquaniti, “A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds”, eLife, vol. 7, 2018, : e38190.
Catavitello, G., Ivanenko, Y., Lacquaniti, F.: A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds. eLife. 7, : e38190 (2018).
Catavitello, Giovanna, Ivanenko, Yury, and Lacquaniti, Francesco. “A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds”. eLife 7 (2018): e38190.

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