Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation

Jaeger D, Winkler A, Mussgnug JH, Kalinowski J, Goesmann A, Kruse O (2017)
Biotechnology for Biofuels 10(1): 197.

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Background Oleaginous microalgae are promising production hosts for the sustainable generation of lipid-based bioproducts and as bioenergy carriers such as biodiesel. Transcriptomics of the lipid accumulation phase, triggered efficiently by nitrogen starvation, is a valuable approach for the identification of gene targets for metabolic engineering. Results An explorative analysis of the detailed transcriptional response to different stages of nitrogen availability was performed in the oleaginous green alga Monoraphidium neglectum. Transcript data were correlated with metabolic data for cellular contents of starch and of different lipid fractions. A pronounced transcriptional down-regulation of photosynthesis became apparent in response to nitrogen starvation, whereas glucose catabolism was found to be up-regulated. An in-depth reconstruction and analysis of the pathways for glycerolipid, central carbon, and starch metabolism revealed that distinct transcriptional changes were generally found only for specific steps within a metabolic pathway. In addition to pathway analyses, the transcript data were also used to refine the current genome annotation. The transcriptome data were integrated into a database and complemented with data for other microalgae which were also subjected to nitrogen starvation. It is available at https://tdbmn.cebitec.uni-bielefeld.de. Conclusions Based on the transcriptional responses to different stages of nitrogen availability, a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation is proposed, which involves transcriptional induction of thioesterases, differential regulation of lipases, and a re-routing of the central carbon metabolism. Over-expression of distinct thioesterases was identified to be a potential strategy to increase the oleaginous phenotype of M. neglectum, and furthermore specific lipases were identified as potential targets for future metabolic engineering approaches.
Monoraphidium neglectum; mRNA-seq; Biodiesel; Lipid metabolism; Nitrogen starvation; TAG accumulation; Pathway analysis; Fatty acid; Lipase; Central carbon metabolism
Biotechnology for Biofuels
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Jaeger D, Winkler A, Mussgnug JH, Kalinowski J, Goesmann A, Kruse O. Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation. Biotechnology for Biofuels. 2017;10(1): 197.
Jaeger, D., Winkler, A., Mussgnug, J. H., Kalinowski, J., Goesmann, A., & Kruse, O. (2017). Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 10(1), 197. doi:10.1186/s13068-017-0882-1
Jaeger, Daniel, Winkler, Anika, Mussgnug, Jan H., Kalinowski, Jörn, Goesmann, Alexander, and Kruse, Olaf. 2017. “Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation”. Biotechnology for Biofuels 10 (1): 197.
Jaeger, D., Winkler, A., Mussgnug, J. H., Kalinowski, J., Goesmann, A., and Kruse, O. (2017). Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation. Biotechnology for Biofuels 10:197.
Jaeger, D., et al., 2017. Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation. Biotechnology for Biofuels, 10(1): 197.
D. Jaeger, et al., “Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation”, Biotechnology for Biofuels, vol. 10, 2017, : 197.
Jaeger, D., Winkler, A., Mussgnug, J.H., Kalinowski, J., Goesmann, A., Kruse, O.: Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation. Biotechnology for Biofuels. 10, : 197 (2017).
Jaeger, Daniel, Winkler, Anika, Mussgnug, Jan H., Kalinowski, Jörn, Goesmann, Alexander, and Kruse, Olaf. “Time-resolved transcriptome analysis and lipid pathway reconstruction of the oleaginous green microalga Monoraphidium neglectum reveal a model for triacylglycerol and lipid hyperaccumulation”. Biotechnology for Biofuels 10.1 (2017): 197.
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