Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations

Giese MA, Rizzolatti G (2015)
Neuron 88(1): 167-180.

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Giese, Martin A.; Rizzolatti, Giacomo
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Giese MA, Rizzolatti G. Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations. Neuron. 2015;88(1):167-180.
Giese, M. A., & Rizzolatti, G. (2015). Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations. Neuron, 88(1), 167-180.
Giese, Martin A., and Rizzolatti, Giacomo. 2015. “Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations”. Neuron 88 (1): 167-180.
Giese, M. A., and Rizzolatti, G. (2015). Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations. Neuron 88, 167-180.
Giese, M.A., & Rizzolatti, G., 2015. Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations. Neuron, 88(1), p 167-180.
M.A. Giese and G. Rizzolatti, “Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations”, Neuron, vol. 88, 2015, pp. 167-180.
Giese, M.A., Rizzolatti, G.: Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations. Neuron. 88, 167-180 (2015).
Giese, Martin A., and Rizzolatti, Giacomo. “Neural and Computational Mechanisms of Action Processing: Interaction between Visual and Motor Representations”. Neuron 88.1 (2015): 167-180.
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