Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions

Martino G, Ivanenko YP, d'Avella A, Serrao M, Ranavolo A, Draicchio F, Cappellini G, Casali C, Lacquaniti F (2015)
Journal of Neurophysiology 114(5): 2867-2882.

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Martino, Giovanni; Ivanenko, Yuri P.; d'Avella, Andrea; Serrao, Mariano; Ranavolo, Alberto; Draicchio, Francesco; Cappellini, Germana; Casali, Carlo; Lacquaniti, Francesco
Journal of Neurophysiology
0022-3077, 1522-1598
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Martino G, Ivanenko YP, d'Avella A, et al. Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions. Journal of Neurophysiology. 2015;114(5):2867-2882.
Martino, G., Ivanenko, Y. P., d'Avella, A., Serrao, M., Ranavolo, A., Draicchio, F., Cappellini, G., et al. (2015). Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(5), 2867-2882. doi:10.1152/jn.00029.2015
Martino, G., Ivanenko, Y. P., d'Avella, A., Serrao, M., Ranavolo, A., Draicchio, F., Cappellini, G., Casali, C., and Lacquaniti, F. (2015). Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions. Journal of Neurophysiology 114, 2867-2882.
Martino, G., et al., 2015. Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions. Journal of Neurophysiology, 114(5), p 2867-2882.
G. Martino, et al., “Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions”, Journal of Neurophysiology, vol. 114, 2015, pp. 2867-2882.
Martino, G., Ivanenko, Y.P., d'Avella, A., Serrao, M., Ranavolo, A., Draicchio, F., Cappellini, G., Casali, C., Lacquaniti, F.: Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions. Journal of Neurophysiology. 114, 2867-2882 (2015).
Martino, Giovanni, Ivanenko, Yuri P., d'Avella, Andrea, Serrao, Mariano, Ranavolo, Alberto, Draicchio, Francesco, Cappellini, Germana, Casali, Carlo, and Lacquaniti, Francesco. “Neuromuscular adjustments of gait associated with unstable conditions”. Journal of Neurophysiology 114.5 (2015): 2867-2882.

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