Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria

Becker A, Overloeper A, Schlueter J-P, Reinkensmeier J, Robledo M, Giegerich R, Narberhaus F, Evguenieva-Hackenberg E (2014)
RNA Biology 11(5): 550-562.

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Becker, Anke; Overloeper, Aaron; Schlueter, Jan-Philip; Reinkensmeier, JanUniBi; Robledo, Marta; Giegerich, RobertUniBi; Narberhaus, Franz; Evguenieva-Hackenberg, Elena
Abstract / Bemerkung
The symbiotic alpha-rhizobia Sinorhizobium meliloti, Bradyrhizobium japonicum, Rhizobium etli and the related plant pathogen Agrobacterium tumefaciens are important model organisms for studying plant-microbe interactions. These metabolically versatile soil bacteria are characterized by complex lifestyles and large genomes. Here we summarize the recent knowledge on their small non-coding RNAs (sRNAs) including conservation, function, and interaction of the sRNAs with the RNA chaperone Hfq. In each of these organisms, an inventory of hundreds of cis- and trans-encoded sRNAs with regulatory potential was uncovered by high-throughput approaches and used for the construction of 39 sRNA family models. Genome-wide analyses of hfq mutants and co-immunoprecipitation with tagged Hfq revealed a major impact of the RNA chaperone on the physiology of plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria including symbiosis and virulence. Highly conserved members of the SmelC411 family are the AbcR sRNAs, which predominantly regulate ABC transport systems. AbcR1 of A. tumefaciens controls the uptake of the plant-generated signaling molecule GABA and is a central regulator of nutrient uptake systems. It has similar functions in S. meliloti and the human pathogen Brucella abortus. As RNA degradation is an important process in RNA-based gene regulation, a short overview on ribonucleases in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria concludes this review.
RNA-seq; ribolysis; RNA-binding protein; sRNA; antisense RNA; non-coding RNA; riboregulation; alpha-proteobacteria; Rhizobiales
RNA Biology
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Becker A, Overloeper A, Schlueter J-P, et al. Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria. RNA Biology. 2014;11(5):550-562.
Becker, A., Overloeper, A., Schlueter, J. - P., Reinkensmeier, J., Robledo, M., Giegerich, R., Narberhaus, F., et al. (2014). Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria. RNA Biology, 11(5), 550-562. doi:10.4161/rna.29625
Becker, Anke, Overloeper, Aaron, Schlueter, Jan-Philip, Reinkensmeier, Jan, Robledo, Marta, Giegerich, Robert, Narberhaus, Franz, and Evguenieva-Hackenberg, Elena. 2014. “Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria”. RNA Biology 11 (5): 550-562.
Becker, A., Overloeper, A., Schlueter, J. - P., Reinkensmeier, J., Robledo, M., Giegerich, R., Narberhaus, F., and Evguenieva-Hackenberg, E. (2014). Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria. RNA Biology 11, 550-562.
Becker, A., et al., 2014. Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria. RNA Biology, 11(5), p 550-562.
A. Becker, et al., “Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria”, RNA Biology, vol. 11, 2014, pp. 550-562.
Becker, A., Overloeper, A., Schlueter, J.-P., Reinkensmeier, J., Robledo, M., Giegerich, R., Narberhaus, F., Evguenieva-Hackenberg, E.: Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria. RNA Biology. 11, 550-562 (2014).
Becker, Anke, Overloeper, Aaron, Schlueter, Jan-Philip, Reinkensmeier, Jan, Robledo, Marta, Giegerich, Robert, Narberhaus, Franz, and Evguenieva-Hackenberg, Elena. “Riboregulation in plant-associated alpha-proteobacteria”. RNA Biology 11.5 (2014): 550-562.

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