Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions

Elsner C, Bakker M, Rohlfing K, Gredebäck G (2014)
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 126: 280-294.

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Elsner, Claudia; Bakker, Marta; Rohlfing, KatharinaUniBi; Gredebäck, Gustaf
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This research investigated infants’ online perception of give-me gestures during observation of a social interaction. In the first experiment, goal-directed eye movements of 12-month-olds were recorded as they observed a give-and-take interaction in which an object is passed from one individual to another. Infants’ gaze shifts from the passing hand to the receiving hand were significantly faster when the receiving hand formed a give-me gesture relative to when it was presented as an inverted hand shape. Experiment 2 revealed that infants’ goal-directed gaze shifts were not based on different affordances of the two receiving hands. Two additional control experiments further demonstrated that differences in infants’ online gaze behavior were not mediated by an attentional preference for the give-me gesture. Together, our findings provide evidence that properties of social action goals influence infants’ online gaze during action observation. The current studies demonstrate that infants have expectations about well-formed object transfer actions between social agents. We suggest that 12-month-olds are sensitive to social goals within the context of give-and-take interactions while observing from a third-party perspective.
Give-me gesture; Infant; Anticipation; Eye movement; Gesture; Social interaction
Journal of Experimental Child Psychology
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Elsner C, Bakker M, Rohlfing K, Gredebäck G. Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 2014;126:280-294.
Elsner, C., Bakker, M., Rohlfing, K., & Gredebäck, G. (2014). Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 126, 280-294. doi:10.1016/j.jecp.2014.05.007
Elsner, C., Bakker, M., Rohlfing, K., and Gredebäck, G. (2014). Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 126, 280-294.
Elsner, C., et al., 2014. Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 126, p 280-294.
C. Elsner, et al., “Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions”, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, vol. 126, 2014, pp. 280-294.
Elsner, C., Bakker, M., Rohlfing, K., Gredebäck, G.: Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology. 126, 280-294 (2014).
Elsner, Claudia, Bakker, Marta, Rohlfing, Katharina, and Gredebäck, Gustaf. “Infants' online perception of give-and-take interactions”. Journal of Experimental Child Psychology 126 (2014): 280-294.

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