Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis

Beckmann T, Krämer O, Klausing S, Heinrich C, Thüte T, Büntemeyer H, Hoffrogge R, Noll T (2012)
Applied Microbiology Biotechnology 94(3): 659-671.

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Applied Microbiology Biotechnology
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Beckmann T, Krämer O, Klausing S, et al. Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology. 2012;94(3):659-671.
Beckmann, T., Krämer, O., Klausing, S., Heinrich, C., Thüte, T., Büntemeyer, H., Hoffrogge, R., et al. (2012). Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology, 94(3), 659-671. https://doi.org/10.1007/s00253-011-3806-1
Beckmann, T., Krämer, O., Klausing, S., Heinrich, C., Thüte, T., Büntemeyer, H., Hoffrogge, R., and Noll, T. (2012). Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology 94, 659-671.
Beckmann, T., et al., 2012. Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology, 94(3), p 659-671.
T. Beckmann, et al., “Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis”, Applied Microbiology Biotechnology, vol. 94, 2012, pp. 659-671.
Beckmann, T., Krämer, O., Klausing, S., Heinrich, C., Thüte, T., Büntemeyer, H., Hoffrogge, R., Noll, T.: Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology. 94, 659-671 (2012).
Beckmann, Tim, Krämer, Oliver, Klausing, Sandra, Heinrich, Christoph, Thüte, Tobias, Büntemeyer, Heino, Hoffrogge, Raimund, and Noll, Thomas. “Effects of high passage cultivation on CHO cells: a global analysis”. Applied Microbiology Biotechnology 94.3 (2012): 659-671.

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