GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes

Giegerich R, Meyer F, Schleiermacher C (1996)
Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol 4: 68-77.

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Giegerich, RobertUniBi; Meyer, Folker; Schleiermacher, Chris
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When a family of genes from closely related organisms is known, there is a certain change to extract the corresponding gene from the genome of another related organism. This can be done by polymerase chain reaction, provided that a pair of suitable primers can be designed. In contrast to primer design for a single, known target sequence, systematic primer design for an unknown target given a group of homologues can by no means be done manually. GeneFisher is a software tool which automates this task, and takes special care to make the impact of the manifold design parameters transparent to the user.
Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol
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Giegerich R, Meyer F, Schleiermacher C. GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol. 1996;4:68-77.
Giegerich, R., Meyer, F., & Schleiermacher, C. (1996). GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol, 4, 68-77.
Giegerich, Robert, Meyer, Folker, and Schleiermacher, Chris. 1996. “GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes”. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol 4: 68-77.
Giegerich, R., Meyer, F., and Schleiermacher, C. (1996). GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol 4, 68-77.
Giegerich, R., Meyer, F., & Schleiermacher, C., 1996. GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol, 4, p 68-77.
R. Giegerich, F. Meyer, and C. Schleiermacher, “GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes”, Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol, vol. 4, 1996, pp. 68-77.
Giegerich, R., Meyer, F., Schleiermacher, C.: GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol. 4, 68-77 (1996).
Giegerich, Robert, Meyer, Folker, and Schleiermacher, Chris. “GeneFisher--software support for the detection of postulated genes”. Proc Int Conf Intell Syst Mol Biol 4 (1996): 68-77.

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