Contig Selection in Physical Mapping

Heber S, Stoye J, Hoheisel J, Vingron M (2000)
In: Proc. of RECOMB 2000. 155-164.

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Heber, Steffen; Stoye, JensUniBi ; Hoheisel, Jörg; Vingron, Martin
Titel des Konferenzbandes
Proc. of RECOMB 2000
Tokyo, Japan
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Heber S, Stoye J, Hoheisel J, Vingron M. Contig Selection in Physical Mapping. In: Proc. of RECOMB 2000. 2000: 155-164.
Heber, S., Stoye, J., Hoheisel, J., & Vingron, M. (2000). Contig Selection in Physical Mapping. Proc. of RECOMB 2000, 155-164.
Heber, S., Stoye, J., Hoheisel, J., and Vingron, M. (2000). “Contig Selection in Physical Mapping” in Proc. of RECOMB 2000 155-164.
Heber, S., et al., 2000. Contig Selection in Physical Mapping. In Proc. of RECOMB 2000. pp. 155-164.
S. Heber, et al., “Contig Selection in Physical Mapping”, Proc. of RECOMB 2000, 2000, pp.155-164.
Heber, S., Stoye, J., Hoheisel, J., Vingron, M.: Contig Selection in Physical Mapping. Proc. of RECOMB 2000. p. 155-164. (2000).
Heber, Steffen, Stoye, Jens, Hoheisel, Jörg, and Vingron, Martin. “Contig Selection in Physical Mapping”. Proc. of RECOMB 2000. 2000. 155-164.

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