Occurrence of integron-associated resistance gene cassettes located on antibiotic resistance plasmids isolated from a wastewater treatment plant

Tennstedt T, Szczepanowski R, Braun S, Pühler A, Schluter A (2003)

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Tennstedt, T; Szczepanowski, RafaelUniBi; Braun, S; Pühler, AlfredUniBi ; Schluter, A
Abstract / Bemerkung
The role of a municipal wastewater treatment plant as a reservoir for bacteria carrying antibiotic resistance plasmids was analysed. Altogether, ninety-seven different multiresistance plasmids were isolated and screened by PCR for the presence of class 1 integron-specific sequences. Twelve of these plasmids were identified to carry integrons. In addition, integron-specific sequences were found on plasmid-DNA preparations from bacteria residing in activated sludge and in the final effluents of the wastewater treatment plant. Sequencing and annotation of the integrons identified nineteen different gene cassette arrays, containing twenty-one different resistance gene cassettes. These cassettes carry genes encoding eight different aminoglycoside-modifying enzymes, seven dihydrofolate reductases, three beta-lactamases, two chloramphenicol resistance proteins and two small exporter proteins. Moreover, new gene cassettes and cassettes with unknown function were identified. Eleven gene cassette combinations are described for the first time. Six integron-associated gene cassette arrays are located on self-transmissible, putative broad-host-range plasmids belonging to the IncP group. Hybridisation analyses, using the integron-specific gene cassette arrays as templates and labelled plasmid-DNA preparations from bacteria of the final effluents as hybridisation probes, revealed that bacteria containing integron-specific sequences on plasmids are released into the environment. (C) 2003 Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
integron; conjugative plasmid; broad-host-range plasmid; gene cassette; activated sludge; horizontal gene transfer
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Tennstedt T, Szczepanowski R, Braun S, Pühler A, Schluter A. Occurrence of integron-associated resistance gene cassettes located on antibiotic resistance plasmids isolated from a wastewater treatment plant. FEMS MICROBIOLOGY ECOLOGY. 2003;45(3):239-252.
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