Drought and crop yield.

Dietz K-J, Zörb C, Geilfus C-M (2021)
Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany).

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Dietz, Karl-JosefUniBi; Zörb, C; Geilfus, C-M
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Episodes of water shortage occur in most agricultural regions of the world. Their durations and intensities increase, and their seasonal timing alters with changing climate. During the ontogenic cycle of crop plants, each development stage, such as seed germination, seedling establishment, vegetative root and shoot growth, flowering, pollination and seed and fruit development, is specifically sensitive to dehydration. Desiccation threatens yield and leads to specific patterns, depending on the type of crop plant and the harvested plant parts, e.g. leafy vegetables, tubers, tap roots or fruits. This review summarizes the effects of drought stress on crop plants and relates the dehydration-dependent yield penalty to the harvested organ and tissue. The control of shoot transpiration and the reorganization of root architecture are of core importance for maintaining proper plant water relationships. Upon dehydration, the provision and partitioning of assimilates and the uptake and distribution of nutrients define remaining growth activity. Domestication of crops by selection for high yield under high input has restricted the genetic repertoire for achieving drought stress tolerance. Introgression of suitable alleles from wild relatives into commercial cultivars might improve the ability to grow with less water. Future research activities should focus more on field studies in order to generate more realistic improvements to crops. Robotic field phenotyping should be integrated into genetic mapping for the identification of relevant traits. © 2021 The Authors. Plant Biology published by John Wiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of German Society for Plant Sciences, Royal Botanical Society of the Netherlands.
Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany)
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Dietz K-J, Zörb C, Geilfus C-M. Drought and crop yield. Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany). 2021.
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Dietz, Karl-Josef, Zörb, C, and Geilfus, C-M. “Drought and crop yield.”. Plant biology (Stuttgart, Germany) (2021).


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