Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students

Friedrich A, Schlarb A (2017)
Journal of Sleep Research 27(1): 4-22.

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Journal of Sleep Research
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Friedrich A, Schlarb A. Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students. Journal of Sleep Research. 2017;27(1):4-22.
Friedrich, A., & Schlarb, A. (2017). Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students. Journal of Sleep Research, 27(1), 4-22. doi:10.1111/jsr.12568
Friedrich, A., and Schlarb, A. (2017). Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students. Journal of Sleep Research 27, 4-22.
Friedrich, A., & Schlarb, A., 2017. Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students. Journal of Sleep Research, 27(1), p 4-22.
A. Friedrich and A. Schlarb, “Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students”, Journal of Sleep Research, vol. 27, 2017, pp. 4-22.
Friedrich, A., Schlarb, A.: Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students. Journal of Sleep Research. 27, 4-22 (2017).
Friedrich, Anja, and Schlarb, Angelika. “Let's talk about sleep: a systematic review of psychological interventions to improve sleep in college students”. Journal of Sleep Research 27.1 (2017): 4-22.

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