Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses

Delvigne F, Baert J, Sassi H, Fickers P, Grünberger A, Dusny C (2017)
Biotechnology Journal 12(7): 1600549.

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Delvigne, Frank; Baert, Jonathan; Sassi, Hosni; Fickers, Patrick; Grünberger, AlexanderUniBi; Dusny, Christian
Biotechnology Journal
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Delvigne F, Baert J, Sassi H, Fickers P, Grünberger A, Dusny C. Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses. Biotechnology Journal. 2017;12(7): 1600549.
Delvigne, F., Baert, J., Sassi, H., Fickers, P., Grünberger, A., & Dusny, C. (2017). Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses. Biotechnology Journal, 12(7), 1600549. doi:10.1002/biot.201600549
Delvigne, Frank, Baert, Jonathan, Sassi, Hosni, Fickers, Patrick, Grünberger, Alexander, and Dusny, Christian. 2017. “Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses”. Biotechnology Journal 12 (7): 1600549.
Delvigne, F., Baert, J., Sassi, H., Fickers, P., Grünberger, A., and Dusny, C. (2017). Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses. Biotechnology Journal 12:1600549.
Delvigne, F., et al., 2017. Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses. Biotechnology Journal, 12(7): 1600549.
F. Delvigne, et al., “Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses”, Biotechnology Journal, vol. 12, 2017, : 1600549.
Delvigne, F., Baert, J., Sassi, H., Fickers, P., Grünberger, A., Dusny, C.: Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses. Biotechnology Journal. 12, : 1600549 (2017).
Delvigne, Frank, Baert, Jonathan, Sassi, Hosni, Fickers, Patrick, Grünberger, Alexander, and Dusny, Christian. “Taking control over microbial populations: Current approaches for exploiting biological noise in bioprocesses”. Biotechnology Journal 12.7 (2017): 1600549.

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