A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level

Grünberger A, Paczia N, Probst C, Schendzielorz G, Eggeling L, Noack S, Wiechert W, Kohlheyer D (2012)
Lab on a Chip 12(11): 2060-2068.

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Grünberger, AlexanderUniBi; Paczia, Nicole; Probst, Christopher; Schendzielorz, Georg; Eggeling, Lothar; Noack, Stephan; Wiechert, Wolfgang; Kohlheyer, Dietrich
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Grünberger A, Paczia N, Probst C, et al. A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level. Lab on a Chip. 2012;12(11):2060-2068.
Grünberger, A., Paczia, N., Probst, C., Schendzielorz, G., Eggeling, L., Noack, S., Wiechert, W., et al. (2012). A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level. Lab on a Chip, 12(11), 2060-2068. doi:10.1039/c2lc40156h
Grünberger, A., Paczia, N., Probst, C., Schendzielorz, G., Eggeling, L., Noack, S., Wiechert, W., and Kohlheyer, D. (2012). A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level. Lab on a Chip 12, 2060-2068.
Grünberger, A., et al., 2012. A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level. Lab on a Chip, 12(11), p 2060-2068.
A. Grünberger, et al., “A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level”, Lab on a Chip, vol. 12, 2012, pp. 2060-2068.
Grünberger, A., Paczia, N., Probst, C., Schendzielorz, G., Eggeling, L., Noack, S., Wiechert, W., Kohlheyer, D.: A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level. Lab on a Chip. 12, 2060-2068 (2012).
Grünberger, Alexander, Paczia, Nicole, Probst, Christopher, Schendzielorz, Georg, Eggeling, Lothar, Noack, Stephan, Wiechert, Wolfgang, and Kohlheyer, Dietrich. “A disposable picolitre bioreactor for cultivation and investigation of industrially relevant bacteria on the single cell level”. Lab on a Chip 12.11 (2012): 2060-2068.
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