RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome

Köster T, Marondedze C, Meyer K, Staiger D (2017)
Trends in Plant Science 22(6): 512-526.

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Trends in Plant Science


Köster T, Marondedze C, Meyer K, Staiger D. RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome. Trends in Plant Science. 2017;22(6):512-526.
Köster, T., Marondedze, C., Meyer, K., & Staiger, D. (2017). RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome. Trends in Plant Science, 22(6), 512-526. doi:10.1016/j.tplants.2017.03.009
Köster, T., Marondedze, C., Meyer, K., and Staiger, D. (2017). RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome. Trends in Plant Science 22, 512-526.
Köster, T., et al., 2017. RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome. Trends in Plant Science, 22(6), p 512-526.
T. Köster, et al., “RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome”, Trends in Plant Science, vol. 22, 2017, pp. 512-526.
Köster, T., Marondedze, C., Meyer, K., Staiger, D.: RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome. Trends in Plant Science. 22, 512-526 (2017).
Köster, Tino, Marondedze, Claudius, Meyer, Katja, and Staiger, Dorothee. “RNA-Binding Proteins Revisited – The Emerging Arabidopsis mRNA Interactome”. Trends in Plant Science 22.6 (2017): 512-526.

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