A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate

Foley SW, Gosai SJ, Wang D, Selamoglu N, Sollitti AC, Köster T, Steffen A, Lyons E, Daldal F, Garcia BA, Staiger D, et al. (2017)
Developmental Cell 41(2): 204-220.e5.

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Foley, Shawn W.; Gosai, Sager J.; Wang, Dongxue; Selamoglu, Nur; Sollitti, Amelia C.; Köster, TinoUniBi ; Steffen, AlexanderUniBi; Lyons, Eric; Daldal, Fevzi; Garcia, Benjamin A.; Staiger, DorotheeUniBi; Deal, Roger B.
Abstract / Bemerkung
The Arabidopsis thaliana root epidermis is comprised of two cell types, hair and nonhair cells, which differentiate from the same precursor. Although the transcriptional programs regulating these events are well studied, post-transcriptional factors functioning in this cell fate decision are mostly unknown. Here, we globally identify RNA-protein interactions and RNA secondary structure in hair and nonhair cell nuclei. This analysis reveals distinct structural and protein binding patterns across both transcriptomes, allowing identification of differential RNA binding protein (RBP) recognition sites. Using these sequences, we identify two RBPs that regulate hair cell development.Specifically, we find that SERRATE functions in a microRNA-dependent manner to inhibit hair cellfate, while also terminating growth of root hairs mostly independent of microRNA biogenesis. In addition, we show that GLYCINE-RICH PROTEIN 8 promotes hair cell fate while alleviating phosphate starvation stress. In total, this global analysis revealspost-transcriptional regulators of plant root epidermal cell fate. Copyright 2017 Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved.
RNA binding proteins; RNA biology; RNA secondary structure; phosphate starvation response; plant development; post-transcriptional regulation; root hairs
Developmental Cell
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Foley SW, Gosai SJ, Wang D, et al. A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate. Developmental Cell. 2017;41(2):204-220.e5.
Foley, S. W., Gosai, S. J., Wang, D., Selamoglu, N., Sollitti, A. C., Köster, T., Steffen, A., et al. (2017). A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate. Developmental Cell, 41(2), 204-220.e5. doi:10.1016/j.devcel.2017.03.018
Foley, S. W., Gosai, S. J., Wang, D., Selamoglu, N., Sollitti, A. C., Köster, T., Steffen, A., Lyons, E., Daldal, F., Garcia, B. A., et al. (2017). A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate. Developmental Cell 41, 204-220.e5.
Foley, S.W., et al., 2017. A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate. Developmental Cell, 41(2), p 204-220.e5.
S.W. Foley, et al., “A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate”, Developmental Cell, vol. 41, 2017, pp. 204-220.e5.
Foley, S.W., Gosai, S.J., Wang, D., Selamoglu, N., Sollitti, A.C., Köster, T., Steffen, A., Lyons, E., Daldal, F., Garcia, B.A., Staiger, D., Deal, R.B., Gregory, B.D.: A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate. Developmental Cell. 41, 204-220.e5 (2017).
Foley, Shawn W., Gosai, Sager J., Wang, Dongxue, Selamoglu, Nur, Sollitti, Amelia C., Köster, Tino, Steffen, Alexander, Lyons, Eric, Daldal, Fevzi, Garcia, Benjamin A., Staiger, Dorothee, Deal, Roger B., and Gregory, Brian D. “A Global View of RNA-Protein Interactions Identifies Post-transcriptional Regulators of Root Hair Cell Fate”. Developmental Cell 41.2 (2017): 204-220.e5.

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