Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Horst M, Möller R (2017)
Robotics 6(2): 9.

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Place recognition is an essential component of autonomous mobile robot navigation. It is used for loop-closure detection to maintain consistent maps, or to localize the robot along a route, or in kidnapped-robot situations. Camera sensors provide rich visual information for this task. We compare different approaches for visual place recognition: holistic methods (visual compass and warping), signature-based methods (using Fourier coefficients or feature descriptors (able for binary-appearance loop-closure evaluation, ABLE)), and feature-based methods (fast appearance-based mapping, FabMap). As new contributions we investigate whether warping, a successful visual homing method, is suitable for place recognition. In addition, we extend the well-known visual compass to use multiple scale planes, a concept also employed by warping. To achieve tolerance against changing illumination conditions, we examine the NSAD distance measure (normalized sum of absolute differences) on edge-filtered images. To reduce the impact of illumination changes on the distance values, we suggest to compute ratios of image distances to normalize these values to a common range. We test all methods on multiple indoor databases, as well as a small outdoor database, using images with constant or changing illumination conditions. ROC analysis (receiver-operator characteristics) and the metric distance between best-matching image pairs are used as evaluation measures. Most methods perform well under constant illumination conditions, but fail under changing illumination. The visual compass using the NSAD measure on edge-filtered images with multiple scale planes, while being slower than signature methods, performs best in the latter case
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Horst M, Möller R. Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Robotics. 2017;6(2): 9.
Horst, M., & Möller, R. (2017). Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Robotics, 6(2), 9. doi:10.3390/robotics6020009
Horst, M., and Möller, R. (2017). Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Robotics 6:9.
Horst, M., & Möller, R., 2017. Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Robotics, 6(2): 9.
M. Horst and R. Möller, “Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots”, Robotics, vol. 6, 2017, : 9.
Horst, M., Möller, R.: Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots. Robotics. 6, : 9 (2017).
Horst, Michael, and Möller, Ralf. “Visual Place Recognition for Autonomous Mobile Robots”. Robotics 6.2 (2017): 9.
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