Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process

Meyer K, Köster T, Staiger D (2015)
Biomolecules 5(3): 1717-1740.

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Alternative pre-messenger RNA splicing in higher plants emerges as an important layer of regulation upon exposure to exogenous and endogenous cues. Accordingly, mutants defective in RNA-binding proteins predicted to function in the splicing process show severe phenotypic alterations. Among those are developmental defects, impaired responses to pathogen threat or abiotic stress factors, and misregulation of the circadian timing system. A suite of splicing factors has been identified in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. Here we summarize recent insights on how defects in these splicing factors impair plant performance.
Arabidopsis; splicing; RNA-binding protein
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Meyer K, Köster T, Staiger D. Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process. Biomolecules. 2015;5(3):1717-1740.
Meyer, K., Köster, T., & Staiger, D. (2015). Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process. Biomolecules, 5(3), 1717-1740. doi:10.3390/biom5031717
Meyer, Katja, Köster, Tino, and Staiger, Dorothee. 2015. “Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process”. Biomolecules 5 (3): 1717-1740.
Meyer, K., Köster, T., and Staiger, D. (2015). Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process. Biomolecules 5, 1717-1740.
Meyer, K., Köster, T., & Staiger, D., 2015. Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process. Biomolecules, 5(3), p 1717-1740.
K. Meyer, T. Köster, and D. Staiger, “Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process”, Biomolecules, vol. 5, 2015, pp. 1717-1740.
Meyer, K., Köster, T., Staiger, D.: Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process. Biomolecules. 5, 1717-1740 (2015).
Meyer, Katja, Köster, Tino, and Staiger, Dorothee. “Pre-mRNA Splicing in Plants: In Vivo Functions of RNA-Binding Proteins Implicated in the Splicing Process”. Biomolecules 5.3 (2015): 1717-1740.
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