Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion

Cordi MJ, Schlarb A, Rasch B (2014)
Sleep 37(6): 1143-1152.

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Cordi, M.J.; Schlarb, AngelikaUniBi; Rasch, B.
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Cordi MJ, Schlarb A, Rasch B. Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion. Sleep. 2014;37(6):1143-1152.
Cordi, M. J., Schlarb, A., & Rasch, B. (2014). Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion. Sleep, 37(6), 1143-1152. doi:10.5665/sleep.3778
Cordi, M.J., Schlarb, Angelika, and Rasch, B. 2014. “Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion”. Sleep 37 (6): 1143-1152.
Cordi, M. J., Schlarb, A., and Rasch, B. (2014). Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion. Sleep 37, 1143-1152.
Cordi, M.J., Schlarb, A., & Rasch, B., 2014. Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion. Sleep, 37(6), p 1143-1152.
M.J. Cordi, A. Schlarb, and B. Rasch, “Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion”, Sleep, vol. 37, 2014, pp. 1143-1152.
Cordi, M.J., Schlarb, A., Rasch, B.: Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion. Sleep. 37, 1143-1152 (2014).
Cordi, M.J., Schlarb, Angelika, and Rasch, B. “Deepening Sleep by Hypnotic Suggestion”. Sleep 37.6 (2014): 1143-1152.

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