Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus

Canavez FC, Luche DD, Stothard P, Leite KRM, Sousa-Canavez JM, Plastow G, Meidanis J, Souza MA, Feijão P, Moore SS, Camara-Lopes LH (2012)
Journal of Heredity 103(3): 342-348.

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Canavez, F. C.; Luche, D. D.; Stothard, P.; Leite, K. R. M.; Sousa-Canavez, J. M.; Plastow, G.; Meidanis, J.; Souza, M. A.; Feijão, PedroUniBi; Moore, S. S.; Camara-Lopes, L. H.
Journal of Heredity
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Canavez FC, Luche DD, Stothard P, et al. Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus. Journal of Heredity. 2012;103(3):342-348.
Canavez, F. C., Luche, D. D., Stothard, P., Leite, K. R. M., Sousa-Canavez, J. M., Plastow, G., Meidanis, J., et al. (2012). Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus. Journal of Heredity, 103(3), 342-348. doi:10.1093/jhered/esr153
Canavez, F. C., Luche, D. D., Stothard, P., Leite, K. R. M., Sousa-Canavez, J. M., Plastow, G., Meidanis, J., et al. 2012. “Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus”. Journal of Heredity 103 (3): 342-348.
Canavez, F. C., Luche, D. D., Stothard, P., Leite, K. R. M., Sousa-Canavez, J. M., Plastow, G., Meidanis, J., Souza, M. A., Feijão, P., Moore, S. S., et al. (2012). Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus. Journal of Heredity 103, 342-348.
Canavez, F.C., et al., 2012. Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus. Journal of Heredity, 103(3), p 342-348.
F.C. Canavez, et al., “Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus”, Journal of Heredity, vol. 103, 2012, pp. 342-348.
Canavez, F.C., Luche, D.D., Stothard, P., Leite, K.R.M., Sousa-Canavez, J.M., Plastow, G., Meidanis, J., Souza, M.A., Feijão, P., Moore, S.S., Camara-Lopes, L.H.: Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus. Journal of Heredity. 103, 342-348 (2012).
Canavez, F. C., Luche, D. D., Stothard, P., Leite, K. R. M., Sousa-Canavez, J. M., Plastow, G., Meidanis, J., Souza, M. A., Feijão, Pedro, Moore, S. S., and Camara-Lopes, L. H. “Genome Sequence and Assembly of Bos indicus”. Journal of Heredity 103.3 (2012): 342-348.

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