Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task

Grewe P, Lahr D, Kohsik A, Dyck E, Markowitsch HJ, Bien C, Botsch M, Piefke M (2014)
Epilespy and Behavior 31: 57-66.

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Epilespy and Behavior
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Grewe P, Lahr D, Kohsik A, et al. Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task. Epilespy and Behavior. 2014;31:57-66.
Grewe, P., Lahr, D., Kohsik, A., Dyck, E., Markowitsch, H. J., Bien, C., Botsch, M., et al. (2014). Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task. Epilespy and Behavior, 31, 57-66.
Grewe, P., Lahr, D., Kohsik, A., Dyck, E., Markowitsch, H. J., Bien, C., Botsch, M., and Piefke, M. (2014). Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task. Epilespy and Behavior 31, 57-66.
Grewe, P., et al., 2014. Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task. Epilespy and Behavior, 31, p 57-66.
P. Grewe, et al., “Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task”, Epilespy and Behavior, vol. 31, 2014, pp. 57-66.
Grewe, P., Lahr, D., Kohsik, A., Dyck, E., Markowitsch, H.J., Bien, C., Botsch, M., Piefke, M.: Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task. Epilespy and Behavior. 31, 57-66 (2014).
Grewe, Philip, Lahr, Denise, Kohsik, Agnes, Dyck, Eugen, Markowitsch, Hans J., Bien, Christian, Botsch, Mario, and Piefke, Martina. “Real-life memory and spatial navigation in patients with focal epilepsy: Ecological validity of a virtual-reality supermarket task”. Epilespy and Behavior 31 (2014): 57-66.

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