White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia

Di Paola M, Moscatelli A, Bigler ED, Caltagirone C, Carlesimo GA (2011)
Neurocase 17(1): 46-56.

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Di Paola, M.; Moscatelli, AlessandroUniBi ; Bigler, E. D.; Caltagirone, C.; Carlesimo, G. A.
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Di Paola M, Moscatelli A, Bigler ED, Caltagirone C, Carlesimo GA. White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia. Neurocase. 2011;17(1):46-56.
Di Paola, M., Moscatelli, A., Bigler, E. D., Caltagirone, C., & Carlesimo, G. A. (2011). White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia. Neurocase, 17(1), 46-56. doi:10.1080/13554794.2010.497155
Di Paola, M., Moscatelli, A., Bigler, E. D., Caltagirone, C., and Carlesimo, G. A. (2011). White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia. Neurocase 17, 46-56.
Di Paola, M., et al., 2011. White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia. Neurocase, 17(1), p 46-56.
M. Di Paola, et al., “White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia”, Neurocase, vol. 17, 2011, pp. 46-56.
Di Paola, M., Moscatelli, A., Bigler, E.D., Caltagirone, C., Carlesimo, G.A.: White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia. Neurocase. 17, 46-56 (2011).
Di Paola, M., Moscatelli, Alessandro, Bigler, E. D., Caltagirone, C., and Carlesimo, G. A. “White matter changes in patients with hypoxic amnesia”. Neurocase 17.1 (2011): 46-56.

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