Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain

Carrozzo M, Moscatelli A, Lacquaniti F (2010)
PLoS ONE 5(12): e15638.

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Carrozzo, Mauro; Moscatelli, AlessandroUniBi ; Lacquaniti, Francesco
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Carrozzo M, Moscatelli A, Lacquaniti F. Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain. PLoS ONE. 2010;5(12): e15638.
Carrozzo, M., Moscatelli, A., & Lacquaniti, F. (2010). Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain. PLoS ONE, 5(12), e15638. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0015638
Carrozzo, Mauro, Moscatelli, Alessandro, and Lacquaniti, Francesco. 2010. “Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain”. PLoS ONE 5 (12): e15638.
Carrozzo, M., Moscatelli, A., and Lacquaniti, F. (2010). Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain. PLoS ONE 5:e15638.
Carrozzo, M., Moscatelli, A., & Lacquaniti, F., 2010. Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain. PLoS ONE, 5(12): e15638.
M. Carrozzo, A. Moscatelli, and F. Lacquaniti, “Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain”, PLoS ONE, vol. 5, 2010, : e15638.
Carrozzo, M., Moscatelli, A., Lacquaniti, F.: Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain. PLoS ONE. 5, : e15638 (2010).
Carrozzo, Mauro, Moscatelli, Alessandro, and Lacquaniti, Francesco. “Tempo Rubato : Animacy Speeds Up Time in the Brain”. PLoS ONE 5.12 (2010): e15638.

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