Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control

Zill S, Schmitz J, Chaudhry S, Büschges A (2012)
Journal of Neurophysiology 108(5): 1453-1472.

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Zill, Sasha; Schmitz, JosefUniBi ; Chaudhry, Sumaiya; Büschges, Ansgar
Journal of Neurophysiology
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Zill S, Schmitz J, Chaudhry S, Büschges A. Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control. Journal of Neurophysiology. 2012;108(5):1453-1472.
Zill, S., Schmitz, J., Chaudhry, S., & Büschges, A. (2012). Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control. Journal of Neurophysiology, 108(5), 1453-1472. doi:10.1152/jn.00274.2012
Zill, Sasha, Schmitz, Josef, Chaudhry, Sumaiya, and Büschges, Ansgar. 2012. “Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control”. Journal of Neurophysiology 108 (5): 1453-1472.
Zill, S., Schmitz, J., Chaudhry, S., and Büschges, A. (2012). Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control. Journal of Neurophysiology 108, 1453-1472.
Zill, S., et al., 2012. Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control. Journal of Neurophysiology, 108(5), p 1453-1472.
S. Zill, et al., “Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control”, Journal of Neurophysiology, vol. 108, 2012, pp. 1453-1472.
Zill, S., Schmitz, J., Chaudhry, S., Büschges, A.: Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control. Journal of Neurophysiology. 108, 1453-1472 (2012).
Zill, Sasha, Schmitz, Josef, Chaudhry, Sumaiya, and Büschges, Ansgar. “Force encoding in stick insect legs delineates a reference frame for motor control”. Journal of Neurophysiology 108.5 (2012): 1453-1472.

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