Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression

Dietz K-J, Pfannschmidt T (2011)
Plant Physiology 155(4): 1477-1485.

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Dietz, Karl-JosefUniBi; Pfannschmidt, Thomas
Plant Physiology
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Dietz K-J, Pfannschmidt T. Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression. Plant Physiology. 2011;155(4):1477-1485.
Dietz, K. - J., & Pfannschmidt, T. (2011). Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression. Plant Physiology, 155(4), 1477-1485.
Dietz, Karl-Josef, and Pfannschmidt, Thomas. 2011. “Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression”. Plant Physiology 155 (4): 1477-1485.
Dietz, K. - J., and Pfannschmidt, T. (2011). Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression. Plant Physiology 155, 1477-1485.
Dietz, K.-J., & Pfannschmidt, T., 2011. Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression. Plant Physiology, 155(4), p 1477-1485.
K.-J. Dietz and T. Pfannschmidt, “Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression”, Plant Physiology, vol. 155, 2011, pp. 1477-1485.
Dietz, K.-J., Pfannschmidt, T.: Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression. Plant Physiology. 155, 1477-1485 (2011).
Dietz, Karl-Josef, and Pfannschmidt, Thomas. “Novel Regulators in Photosynthetic Redox Control of Plant Metabolism and Gene Expression”. Plant Physiology 155.4 (2011): 1477-1485.

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