Hubs and bottlenecks in plant molecular signalling networks

Dietz K-J, Jacquot J-P, Harris G (2010)
New Phytologist 188(4): 919-938.

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Dietz, Karl-JosefUniBi; Jacquot, Jean-Pierre; Harris, Gary
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Conditional control of plant cell function and development relies on appropriate signal perception, signal integration and processing. The development of high throughput technologies such as proteomics and interactomics has enabled the identification of protein interaction networks that mediate signal processing from inputs to appropriate outputs. Such networks can be depicted in graphical representations using nodes and edges allowing for the immediate visualization and analysis of the network's topology. Hubs are network elements characterized by many edges (often degree grade k >= 5) which confer a degree of topological importance to them. The review introduces the concept of networks, hubs and bottlenecks and describes four examples from plant science in more detail, namely hubs in the redox regulatory network of the chloroplast with ferredoxin, thioredoxin and peroxiredoxin, in mitogen activated protein (MAP) kinase signal processing, in photomorphogenesis with the COP9 signalosome, COP1 and CDD, and monomeric GTPase function. Some guidance is provided to appropriate internet resources, web repositories, databases and their use. Plant networks can be generated from existing public databases and this type of analysis is valuable in support of existing hypotheses, or to allow for the generation of new concepts or ideas. However, intensive manual curating of in silico networks is still always necessary.
MAP kinase; interolog; hub protein; GTPase; cell signalling network; COP signalosome; signal processing; redox regulation
New Phytologist
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Dietz K-J, Jacquot J-P, Harris G. Hubs and bottlenecks in plant molecular signalling networks. New Phytologist. 2010;188(4):919-938.
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Dietz, Karl-Josef, Jacquot, Jean-Pierre, and Harris, Gary. “Hubs and bottlenecks in plant molecular signalling networks”. New Phytologist 188.4 (2010): 919-938.

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