Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes

Stürzl W, Zeil J (2007)
Biological Cybernetics 96(5): 519-531.

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Biological Cybernetics
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Stürzl W, Zeil J. Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes. Biological Cybernetics. 2007;96(5):519-531.
Stürzl, W., & Zeil, J. (2007). Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes. Biological Cybernetics, 96(5), 519-531.
Stürzl, W., and Zeil, J. (2007). Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes. Biological Cybernetics 96, 519-531.
Stürzl, W., & Zeil, J., 2007. Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes. Biological Cybernetics, 96(5), p 519-531.
W. Stürzl and J. Zeil, “Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes”, Biological Cybernetics, vol. 96, 2007, pp. 519-531.
Stürzl, W., Zeil, J.: Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes. Biological Cybernetics. 96, 519-531 (2007).
Stürzl, Wolfgang, and Zeil, J. “Depth, contrast and view-based homing in outdoor scenes”. Biological Cybernetics 96.5 (2007): 519-531.
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