The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking

Knoeferle P, Crocker MW (2006)
Cognitive Science 30(3): 481-529.

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Knoeferle, PiaUniBi; Crocker, M. W.
Cognitive Science
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Knoeferle P, Crocker MW. The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking. Cognitive Science. 2006;30(3):481-529.
Knoeferle, P., & Crocker, M. W. (2006). The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking. Cognitive Science, 30(3), 481-529.
Knoeferle, P., and Crocker, M. W. (2006). The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking. Cognitive Science 30, 481-529.
Knoeferle, P., & Crocker, M.W., 2006. The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking. Cognitive Science, 30(3), p 481-529.
P. Knoeferle and M.W. Crocker, “The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking”, Cognitive Science, vol. 30, 2006, pp. 481-529.
Knoeferle, P., Crocker, M.W.: The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking. Cognitive Science. 30, 481-529 (2006).
Knoeferle, Pia, and Crocker, M. W. “The coordinated interplay of scene, utterance, and world knowledge: evidence from eye tracking”. Cognitive Science 30.3 (2006): 481-529.
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