Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis

Kollmann K, Mutenda KE, Balleininger M, Eckermann E, von Figura K, Schmidt B, Lübke T (2005)
Proteomics 5(15): 3966-3978.

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Kollmann, Katrin; Mutenda, Kudzai E.; Balleininger, Martina; Eckermann, Ellen; von Figura, Kurt; Schmidt, Bernhard; Lübke, TorbenUniBi
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Kollmann K, Mutenda KE, Balleininger M, et al. Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics. 2005;5(15):3966-3978.
Kollmann, K., Mutenda, K. E., Balleininger, M., Eckermann, E., von Figura, K., Schmidt, B., & Lübke, T. (2005). Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics, 5(15), 3966-3978.
Kollmann, Katrin, Mutenda, Kudzai E., Balleininger, Martina, Eckermann, Ellen, von Figura, Kurt, Schmidt, Bernhard, and Lübke, Torben. 2005. “Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis”. Proteomics 5 (15): 3966-3978.
Kollmann, K., Mutenda, K. E., Balleininger, M., Eckermann, E., von Figura, K., Schmidt, B., and Lübke, T. (2005). Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics 5, 3966-3978.
Kollmann, K., et al., 2005. Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis. Proteomics, 5(15), p 3966-3978.
K. Kollmann, et al., “Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis”, Proteomics, vol. 5, 2005, pp. 3966-3978.
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Kollmann, Katrin, Mutenda, Kudzai E., Balleininger, Martina, Eckermann, Ellen, von Figura, Kurt, Schmidt, Bernhard, and Lübke, Torben. “Identification of novel lysosomal matrix proteins by proteome analysis”. Proteomics 5.15 (2005): 3966-3978.

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