Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms

Niemann H, Knetsch ML, Scherer A, Manstein DJ, Kull FJ (2001)
EMBO J 20(21): 5813-5821.

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Niemann, HartmutUniBi ; Knetsch, M. L.; Scherer, A.; Manstein, D. J.; Kull, F. J.
Amino Acid; *Protein Structure; Sequence Homology; Protozoan Proteins; Binding Sites/physiology; Crystallography; X-Ray; *Dynamins; Tertiary/physiology; Guanosine Diphosphate/*chemistry/metabolism; *GTP Phosphohydrolases/*chemistry/metabolism; Molecular; Nucleotides/metabolism; Molecular Sequence Data; Protein Structure; Secondary; *Models
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Niemann H, Knetsch ML, Scherer A, Manstein DJ, Kull FJ. Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms. EMBO J. 2001;20(21):5813-5821.
Niemann, H., Knetsch, M. L., Scherer, A., Manstein, D. J., & Kull, F. J. (2001). Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms. EMBO J, 20(21), 5813-5821.
Niemann, Hartmut, Knetsch, M. L., Scherer, A., Manstein, D. J., and Kull, F. J. 2001. “Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms”. EMBO J 20 (21): 5813-5821.
Niemann, H., Knetsch, M. L., Scherer, A., Manstein, D. J., and Kull, F. J. (2001). Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms. EMBO J 20, 5813-5821.
Niemann, H., et al., 2001. Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms. EMBO J, 20(21), p 5813-5821.
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Niemann, Hartmut, Knetsch, M. L., Scherer, A., Manstein, D. J., and Kull, F. J. “Crystal structure of a dynamin GTPase domain in both nucleotide-free and GDP-bound forms”. EMBO J 20.21 (2001): 5813-5821.

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