The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes

Klockow B, Tichelaar W, Madden DR, Niemann H, Akiba T, Hirose K, Manstein DJ (2002)
EMBO J 21(3): 240-250.

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Klockow, B.; Tichelaar, W.; Madden, D. R.; Niemann, HartmutUniBi ; Akiba, T.; Hirose, K.; Manstein, D. J.
Animals; Dictyostelium/*metabolism; Humans; *Dynamins; *GTP Phosphohydrolases/chemistry/metabolism/ultrastructure; Dimerization; *Protozoan Proteins/chemistry/metabolism/ultrastructure; Protein Conformation
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Klockow B, Tichelaar W, Madden DR, et al. The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes. EMBO J. 2002;21(3):240-250.
Klockow, B., Tichelaar, W., Madden, D. R., Niemann, H., Akiba, T., Hirose, K., & Manstein, D. J. (2002). The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes. EMBO J, 21(3), 240-250.
Klockow, B., Tichelaar, W., Madden, D. R., Niemann, H., Akiba, T., Hirose, K., and Manstein, D. J. (2002). The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes. EMBO J 21, 240-250.
Klockow, B., et al., 2002. The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes. EMBO J, 21(3), p 240-250.
B. Klockow, et al., “The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes”, EMBO J, vol. 21, 2002, pp. 240-250.
Klockow, B., Tichelaar, W., Madden, D.R., Niemann, H., Akiba, T., Hirose, K., Manstein, D.J.: The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes. EMBO J. 21, 240-250 (2002).
Klockow, B., Tichelaar, W., Madden, D. R., Niemann, Hartmut, Akiba, T., Hirose, K., and Manstein, D. J. “The dynamin A ring complex: molecular organization and nucleotide-dependent conformational changes”. EMBO J 21.3 (2002): 240-250.

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