Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB

Niemann H, Jager V, Butler PJ, van den Heuvel J, Schmidt S, Ferraris D, Gherardi E, Heinz DW (2007)
Cell 130(2): 235-246.

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Niemann, HartmutUniBi ; Jager, V.; Butler, P. J.; van den Heuvel, J.; Schmidt, S.; Ferraris, D.; Gherardi, E.; Heinz, D. W.
Binding Sites; Heparin/pharmacology; Hepatocyte Growth Factor/metabolism; Proto-Oncogene Proteins c-met/*chemistry; Tertiary; Proteins/metabolism; Humans; Listeria monocytogenes/*chemistry; Membrane Proteins/*chemistry; Biological; Protein Binding/drug effects; Models; Protein Interaction Mapping; Molecular; Protein Structure; Secondary; Protein Structure; Models; Bacterial Proteins/*chemistry
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Niemann H, Jager V, Butler PJ, et al. Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB. Cell. 2007;130(2):235-246.
Niemann, H., Jager, V., Butler, P. J., van den Heuvel, J., Schmidt, S., Ferraris, D., Gherardi, E., et al. (2007). Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB. Cell, 130(2), 235-246.
Niemann, Hartmut, Jager, V., Butler, P. J., van den Heuvel, J., Schmidt, S., Ferraris, D., Gherardi, E., and Heinz, D. W. 2007. “Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB”. Cell 130 (2): 235-246.
Niemann, H., Jager, V., Butler, P. J., van den Heuvel, J., Schmidt, S., Ferraris, D., Gherardi, E., and Heinz, D. W. (2007). Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB. Cell 130, 235-246.
Niemann, H., et al., 2007. Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB. Cell, 130(2), p 235-246.
H. Niemann, et al., “Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB”, Cell, vol. 130, 2007, pp. 235-246.
Niemann, H., Jager, V., Butler, P.J., van den Heuvel, J., Schmidt, S., Ferraris, D., Gherardi, E., Heinz, D.W.: Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB. Cell. 130, 235-246 (2007).
Niemann, Hartmut, Jager, V., Butler, P. J., van den Heuvel, J., Schmidt, S., Ferraris, D., Gherardi, E., and Heinz, D. W. “Structure of the human receptor tyrosine kinase met in complex with the Listeria invasion protein InlB”. Cell 130.2 (2007): 235-246.

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