Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum

Haizel T, Merkle T, Turck F, Nagy F (1995)
Plant Physiology 108(1): 59-67.

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Haizel, T.; Merkle, ThomasUniBi; Turck, F.; Nagy, F.
Plant Physiology
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Haizel T, Merkle T, Turck F, Nagy F. Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum. Plant Physiology. 1995;108(1):59-67.
Haizel, T., Merkle, T., Turck, F., & Nagy, F. (1995). Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum. Plant Physiology, 108(1), 59-67.
Haizel, T., Merkle, T., Turck, F., and Nagy, F. (1995). Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum. Plant Physiology 108, 59-67.
Haizel, T., et al., 1995. Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum. Plant Physiology, 108(1), p 59-67.
T. Haizel, et al., “Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum”, Plant Physiology, vol. 108, 1995, pp. 59-67.
Haizel, T., Merkle, T., Turck, F., Nagy, F.: Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum. Plant Physiology. 108, 59-67 (1995).
Haizel, T., Merkle, Thomas, Turck, F., and Nagy, F. “Characterization of membrane-bound small GTP-binding proteins from Nicotiana tabacum”. Plant Physiology 108.1 (1995): 59-67.

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