Nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of proteins in plants: implications for the regulation of environmental and developmental signalling

Merkle T (2003)
Current Genetics 44(5): 231-260.

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Considerable progress has been made in the past few years in characterising Arabidopsis nuclear transport receptors and in elucidating plant signal transduction pathways that employ nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of a member of the signal transduction chain. This review briefly introduces the major principles of nuclear transport of macromolecules across the nuclear envelope and the proteins involved, as they have been described in vertebrates and yeast. Proteins of the plant nuclear transport machinery that have been identified to date are discussed, the focus being on Importin beta-like nuclear transport receptors. Finally, the importance of nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning as a regulatory tool for signalling is highlighted, and different plant signal transduction pathways that make use of this regulatory potential are presented.
Current Genetics
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Merkle T. Nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of proteins in plants: implications for the regulation of environmental and developmental signalling. Current Genetics. 2003;44(5):231-260.
Merkle, T. (2003). Nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of proteins in plants: implications for the regulation of environmental and developmental signalling. Current Genetics, 44(5), 231-260.
Merkle, Thomas. 2003. “Nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of proteins in plants: implications for the regulation of environmental and developmental signalling”. Current Genetics 44 (5): 231-260.
Merkle, T. (2003). Nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of proteins in plants: implications for the regulation of environmental and developmental signalling. Current Genetics 44, 231-260.
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Merkle, Thomas. “Nucleo-cytoplasmic partitioning of proteins in plants: implications for the regulation of environmental and developmental signalling”. Current Genetics 44.5 (2003): 231-260.

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