Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model

Scherf W, Burdach S, Hansen G (2005)
Eur.J.Immunol 35(1): 198-206.

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Scherf, WiebkeUniBi; Burdach, S.; Hansen, G.
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Scherf W, Burdach S, Hansen G. Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model. Eur.J.Immunol. 2005;35(1):198-206.
Scherf, W., Burdach, S., & Hansen, G. (2005). Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model. Eur.J.Immunol, 35(1), 198-206.
Scherf, W., Burdach, S., and Hansen, G. (2005). Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model. Eur.J.Immunol 35, 198-206.
Scherf, W., Burdach, S., & Hansen, G., 2005. Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model. Eur.J.Immunol, 35(1), p 198-206.
W. Scherf, S. Burdach, and G. Hansen, “Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model”, Eur.J.Immunol, vol. 35, 2005, pp. 198-206.
Scherf, W., Burdach, S., Hansen, G.: Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model. Eur.J.Immunol. 35, 198-206 (2005).
Scherf, Wiebke, Burdach, S., and Hansen, G. “Reduced expression of transforming growth factor ß1 exacerbates pathology in an experimental asthma model”. Eur.J.Immunol 35.1 (2005): 198-206.

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