A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment

Tönges U, Perrey SW, Stoye J, Dress A (1996)
Gene 172(1): GC33-GC41.

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Tönges, Udo; Perrey, Sören W.; Stoye, JensUniBi ; Dress, AndreasUniBi
Abstract / Bemerkung
We have developed a fast heuristic algorithm for multiple sequence alignment which provides near-to-optimal results for sufficiently homologous sequences. The algorithm makes use of the standard dynamic programming procedure by applying it to all pairs of sequences. The resulting score matrices for pair-wise alignment give rise to secondary matrices containing the additional charges imposed by forcing the alignment path to run through a particular vertex. Such a constraint corresponds to slicing the sequences at the positions defining that vertex, and aligning the remaining pairs of prefix and suffix sequences separately. From these secondary matrices, one can compute - for any given family of sequences - suitable positions for cutting all of these sequences simultaneously, thus reducing the problem of aligning a family of n sequences of average length l in a Divide and Conquer fashion to aligning two families of n sequences of approximately half that length. In this paper, we explain the method for the case of 3 sequences in detail, and we demonstrate its potential and its limits by discussing its behaviour for several test families. A generalization for aligning more than 3 sequences is lined out, and some actual alignments constructed by our algorithm for various user-defined parameters are presented.
Secondary matrix; Pair-wise sequence alignment; Divide and conquer; Multiple sequence alignment; Dynamic programming
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Tönges U, Perrey SW, Stoye J, Dress A. A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment. Gene. 1996;172(1):GC33-GC41.
Tönges, U., Perrey, S. W., Stoye, J., & Dress, A. (1996). A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment. Gene, 172(1), GC33-GC41. https://doi.org/10.1016/0378-1119(96)00123-0
Tönges, Udo, Perrey, Sören W., Stoye, Jens, and Dress, Andreas. 1996. “A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment”. Gene 172 (1): GC33-GC41.
Tönges, U., Perrey, S. W., Stoye, J., and Dress, A. (1996). A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment. Gene 172, GC33-GC41.
Tönges, U., et al., 1996. A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment. Gene, 172(1), p GC33-GC41.
U. Tönges, et al., “A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment”, Gene, vol. 172, 1996, pp. GC33-GC41.
Tönges, U., Perrey, S.W., Stoye, J., Dress, A.: A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment. Gene. 172, GC33-GC41 (1996).
Tönges, Udo, Perrey, Sören W., Stoye, Jens, and Dress, Andreas. “A general method for fast multiple sequence alignment”. Gene 172.1 (1996): GC33-GC41.

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