Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering

Flaschel E, Friehs K (1993)
Biotechnology Advances 11(1): 31-77.

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The rapid advancement of genetic engineering has allowed to produce an impressive number of proteins on a scale which would not have been achieved by classical biotechnology. At the beginning of this development research was focussed on elucidating the mechanisms of protein overexpression. The appearance of inclusion bodies may illustrate the success. In the meantime, genetic engineering is not only expected to achieve overexpression, but to improve the whole process of protein production. For downstream processing of recombinant proteins, the synthesis of fusion proteins is of primary importance. Fusion with certain proteins or peptides may protect the target protein from proteolytic degradation and may alter its solubility. Intracellular proteins may be translocated by means of fusions with signal peptides. Affinity tags as fusion complements may render protein separation and purification highly selective. These methods as well as similar ones for improving the downstream processing of proteins will be discussed on the basis of recent literature.
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Flaschel E, Friehs K. Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering. Biotechnology Advances. 1993;11(1):31-77.
Flaschel, E., & Friehs, K. (1993). Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering. Biotechnology Advances, 11(1), 31-77.
Flaschel, Erwin, and Friehs, Karl. 1993. “Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering”. Biotechnology Advances 11 (1): 31-77.
Flaschel, E., and Friehs, K. (1993). Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering. Biotechnology Advances 11, 31-77.
Flaschel, E., & Friehs, K., 1993. Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering. Biotechnology Advances, 11(1), p 31-77.
E. Flaschel and K. Friehs, “Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering”, Biotechnology Advances, vol. 11, 1993, pp. 31-77.
Flaschel, E., Friehs, K.: Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering. Biotechnology Advances. 11, 31-77 (1993).
Flaschel, Erwin, and Friehs, Karl. “Improvement of downstream processing of recombinant proteins by means of genetic engineering”. Biotechnology Advances 11.1 (1993): 31-77.
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