Significance of the V-type ATPase for the adaptation to stressful growth conditions and its regulation on the molecular and biochemical level

Dietz K-J, Tavakoli N, Kluge C, Mimura T, Sharma SS, Harris GC, Chardonnens AN, Golldack D (2001)
In: Journal of Experimental Botany. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 52(363). Oxford: OXFORD UNIV PRESS: 1969-1980.

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Dietz, Karl-JosefUniBi; Tavakoli, N; Kluge, C; Mimura, T; Sharma, S. S.; Harris, G. C.; Chardonnens, A. N.; Golldack, DortjeUniBi
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Two electrogenic H+-pumps, the vacuolar type H+-ATPase (V-ATPase) and the vacuolar pyrophosphatase, coexist at membranes of the secretory pathway of plants. The V-ATPase is the dominant H+-pump at endomembranes of most plant cells, both in terms of protein amount and, frequently, also in activity. The V-ATPase is indispensable for plant growth under normal conditions due to its role in energizing secondary transport, maintenance of solute homeostasis and, possibly, in facilitating vesicle fusion. Under stress conditions such as salinity, drought, cold, acid stress, anoxia, and excess heavy metals in the soil, survival of the cells depends strongly on maintaining or adjusting the activity of the V-ATPase. Regulation of gene expression and activity are involved in adapting the V-ATPase on long- and short-term bases. The mechanisms known to regulate the V-ATPase are summarized in this paper with an emphasis on their implications for growth and development under stress.
conditions; V-ATPase; regulation of gene expression; stress; electrogenic pump
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Journal of Experimental Botany
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Dietz K-J, Tavakoli N, Kluge C, et al. Significance of the V-type ATPase for the adaptation to stressful growth conditions and its regulation on the molecular and biochemical level. In: Journal of Experimental Botany. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. Vol 52. Oxford: OXFORD UNIV PRESS; 2001: 1969-1980.
Dietz, K. - J., Tavakoli, N., Kluge, C., Mimura, T., Sharma, S. S., Harris, G. C., Chardonnens, A. N., et al. (2001). Significance of the V-type ATPase for the adaptation to stressful growth conditions and its regulation on the molecular and biochemical level. Journal of Experimental Botany, JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY, 52, 1969-1980. Oxford: OXFORD UNIV PRESS.
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Dietz, K.-J., et al., 2001. Significance of the V-type ATPase for the adaptation to stressful growth conditions and its regulation on the molecular and biochemical level. In Journal of Experimental Botany. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. no.52 Oxford: OXFORD UNIV PRESS, pp. 1969-1980.
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Dietz, K.-J., Tavakoli, N., Kluge, C., Mimura, T., Sharma, S.S., Harris, G.C., Chardonnens, A.N., Golldack, D.: Significance of the V-type ATPase for the adaptation to stressful growth conditions and its regulation on the molecular and biochemical level. Journal of Experimental Botany. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 52, p. 1969-1980. OXFORD UNIV PRESS, Oxford (2001).
Dietz, Karl-Josef, Tavakoli, N, Kluge, C, Mimura, T, Sharma, S. S., Harris, G. C., Chardonnens, A. N., and Golldack, Dortje. “Significance of the V-type ATPase for the adaptation to stressful growth conditions and its regulation on the molecular and biochemical level”. Journal of Experimental Botany. Oxford: OXFORD UNIV PRESS, 2001.Vol. 52. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL BOTANY. 1969-1980.

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