Detection and manipulation of biomolecules by magnetic carriers

Brzeska M, Panhorst M, Kamp P-B, Schotter J, Reiss G, Pühler A, Becker A, Brückl H (2004)

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Brzeska, M; Panhorst, MarenUniBi; Kamp, Paul-BertramUniBi; Schotter, Jörg; Reiss, GünterUniBi ; Pühler, AlfredUniBi ; Becker, Anke; Brückl, Hubert
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The detection and manipulation of single molecules on a common platform would be of great interest for basic research of biological or chemical systems. A promising approach is the application of magnetic carriers. The principles are demonstrated in this contribution. It is shown that paramagnetic beads can be detected by highly sensitive magnetoresistive sensors yielding a purely electronic signal. Different configurations are discussed. The capability of the sensors to detect even single markers is demonstrated by a model experiment. In addition, the paramagnetic beads can be used as carriers for biomolecules. They can be manipulated on-chip via currents running through specially designed line patterns. Thus, magnetic markers in combination with magnetoresistive sensors are a promising choice for future integrated lab-on-a-chip systems. (C) 2004 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
molecular recognition; biochip; marker; sensor; bonding force; magnetoresistive
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Brzeska M, Panhorst M, Kamp P-B, et al. Detection and manipulation of biomolecules by magnetic carriers. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY. 2004;112(1-2):25-33.
Brzeska, M., Panhorst, M., Kamp, P. - B., Schotter, J., Reiss, G., Pühler, A., Becker, A., et al. (2004). Detection and manipulation of biomolecules by magnetic carriers. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 112(1-2), 25-33.
Brzeska, M., Panhorst, M., Kamp, P. - B., Schotter, J., Reiss, G., Pühler, A., Becker, A., and Brückl, H. (2004). Detection and manipulation of biomolecules by magnetic carriers. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 112, 25-33.
Brzeska, M., et al., 2004. Detection and manipulation of biomolecules by magnetic carriers. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY, 112(1-2), p 25-33.
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Brzeska, M, Panhorst, Maren, Kamp, Paul-Bertram, Schotter, Jörg, Reiss, Günter, Pühler, Alfred, Becker, Anke, and Brückl, Hubert. “Detection and manipulation of biomolecules by magnetic carriers”. JOURNAL OF BIOTECHNOLOGY 112.1-2 (2004): 25-33.

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